Corporate Rates

Corporations and Small Businesses that provide a minimum of 20 signings per month or 40 notarial services of other types eg. POA, Wills, Quit Claim Deeds  etc. receive a 5% discount of the total amount on each signing.


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Traveling Fees:

5 or less Travel Miles: $ 30.00 USD

5-10 Travel Miles: $ 35.00 USD

10-20 Travel Miles: $ 40.00 USD

20-30 Travel Miles: $ 45.00 USD

30-40 Travel Miles: $ 60.00 USD

More than 40 Travel Miles? Call for Pricing

Printing & Faxing:

1-100 pages: $ 30.00

101-200 pages: $ 40.00

201-300 pages: $ 50.00

Notarizations, Witnessing & Signature Verification:

1-5 notarizations/witnessing: $30.00

6-10 notarizations/witnessing: 40.00

11-15notarizations/witnessing: $50.00

16-20 notarizations/witnessing: $60.00

21-25 notarizations/witnessing: $70.00

Over 25 notarizations/witnessing required for your loan signing? Please contact us.

Fedex/UPS/USPS & Drop Offs:

These are private companies and their fees will vary. This fee will be added to your invoice after the package has been sent. We cannot stipulate nor speculate how much would this fee be until the package is drop off at the courier of your choice. 

In the case you do not choose a courier Fedex will be used.

When the courier label is provided by the company or client there is no fee for the service. 

When fax backs are a requirement only a $5.00 drop off fee is included. This fee is in effect only when fax backs are required. This is because notaries have to come back to the office, fax the paperwork and then go to the nearest courier office and drop off the package. 

When no fax backs are required and the notary can drop off the package without having to stop by the office first, the fee is not assesed.