Need mentoring to kick start your marketing strategy? Need assistance in how to get more business?

Give us a call, send us a FB email or tweet your questions #NotaryAtYourDoor. 

We offer Conference calls for marketing advice, and signing advice. We also have mockup signings and we also go with students to their first signing.

First 30 minutes conference call is on us! 

Conference Calls:

Conference call session 1/2 hour $30.00
Conference call session 1 hour     $50.00

Conference Call Packages:

Conference Call Package 1 hour (3 sessions 1he each) $75
Conference Call Package 1 hour (6 sessions 1hr each) $120

Prior to the conference we always suggest our students to take at least half an hour to write down all their questions. 
The conference will be more successful if you take the time to organize your thoughts and questions about the subject you are looking clarification on.

Mockup Signings:

Broward Mockup Signing $150 
Miami-Dade Mockup Signing $200-$250
Palm Beach Mockup Signing $250-$300
Tampa Area $600 and up

During Signing Coaching:

During signing coaching prices varies depending on miles travelled. Also, please note we do not correct you in front of your client
unless the mistake is major and damages the paperwork. All Signing Coaching will take place prior and after the actual signing.

ALL Payments are handled via Paypal.

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