Translators Unlimited is committed to providing the highest quality of Interpretation Services to all of our customers. Translators Unlimited provides professional interpretation service in any setting where there is a language barrier. We provide Conference Interpreting services for business conferences, meetings, trade, government agencies, and medical conventions. Translators Unlimited also provides Interpretation Services for depositions, interviews, court proceedings, medical assessments, insurance claims appointments, or anywhere else you may need to communicate in a different language.

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Consecutive Interpretation:

Consecutive interpreting – In consecutive interpreting the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking. The speech is divided into segments, and the interpreter sits or stands beside the source-language speaker, listening and taking notes as the speaker progresses through the message. When the speaker pauses or finishes speaking, the interpreter then renders a portion of the message or the entire message in the target language.

Simultaneous Interpretation:

In simultaneous interpretation the interpreter renders the message in the target-language as quickly as he or she can formulate it from the source language, while the source-language speaker continuously speaks. Mostly simultaneous interpretation is utilized in the conference where interpreter sits in the booth and inter-operates and conveys the message on the microphone which is received by the audience through the head phones.

Onsite Interpreters:

Also called "in-person interpreting," this delivery method requires the interpreter to be physically present in order for the interpretation to take place. In on-site interpreting settings, all of the parties who wish to speak to one another are usually located in the same place. This is by far the most common modality used for most public and social service settings.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation:

Also referred to as "over-the-phone interpreting," "telephonic interpreting," and "tel-interpreting," telephone interpreting enables the interpreter to deliver interpretation via telephone. The interpreter is added to a conference call. Telephone interpreting may be used in place of on-site interpreting in some cases, especially when no on-site interpreter is readily available at the location where services are needed.

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Legal documents translation:

Legal documents translation service is aimed at helping one figure out lingual meaning of a content as well as legal implication of each phrase that it contains. Legal document translation needs a special type of reproduction skill and we have got people who have thorough knowledge and understanding of legal implications of phrases. Our legal translators are highly experienced and they ensure that you get the exact meaning and legal implication of each line of the content. We translate Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Case history, Power of attorney documents, Contracts, Patent applications, Real estate documents, Court verdict, Purchase and Sale agreement and much more.

Marketing collateral translation:

Marketing collateral translation is meant for business enterprise. To promote a product or service in a country or a state where people speak in a different language, your message is unlikely to generate any response. Our outstanding marketing collateral translation and interpretation service will ensure that people get your message accurately in their language. We have translators who are experts in reproducing marketing collateral's keeping meaning same and making the message even more appealing to the global marketing. It is our responsibility to make people curious about your product or service, no matter what language they speak in.

Medical translation:

We extend our helping hand to medical students and practitioners in the form of medical translation service. We translate all forms literature ranging from study materials to clinical, regulatory, technical and marketing documents as well training curriculum's for all types’ institutions in the healthcare field. We translate medical documents in national languages as well as provincial languages to make them completely understandable to local medical practitioners. We appoint translators having in-depth knowledge about medical terms and phrases to make sure perfect reproduction has been done.

Spanish Translation Services:

Translators Unlimited has worked on Spanish translation projects of all kinds including technical and engineering documents and manuals, financial documents, marketing materials, websites, legal contracts and patents, and market surveys. Our Spanish translation team includes specialists in all of the major Spanish-speaking regions of the world so that we can provide translation of each of the various Spanish dialects, including American Spanish, Latin American Spanish as well as Spanish for Spain itself.

Web page and Website Translation:

Web page and website translation is a service designed for reproducing all sorts of web contents on web pages such as articles, blogs and press releases from one language to the other. Our highly skilled translators and interpreters reproduce website contents phrase by phrase to make sure the viewers get a perfect reproduction of the original content in their national language. Website and web page translation are done by people having in depth knowledge about the SEO aspect and make sure the reproduced versions contain perfect alternatives of the key words and key phrases used in the original content. It doesn’t matter whether it is a web page or an entire website, our web page translators can reproduce it all with perfection

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